new imageDear readers,                                                                                                                                                       Thank you for stopping by and welcome (back) to my blog!                                                                 I am a trained allied health professional with a key interest in my family’s health. I found my newest inspiration to achieve a healthy lifestyle  after a few rounds of sick visits. I would like to share my learnings  that I found in the long health journey with you, so I created this blog.  It is day to day family health topics!

I learned it the hard way, but I sure hope you do not have to. I have updated my posts for swift summary in bold – perfect for a quick read! Check out my posts on the right→

Does everyone need to be gluten-free? Ever wondered what was inside that one cup of chocolate milk your child just had?   Or  Why doesn’t cream separate from milk when standing in the supermarket shelf for  weeks? Or  What does cutting board have to do with health? For answers check out my posts…

It matters to me to be able to make a difference in your lives and be an inspiration to make informed choices. Change is always difficult! Don’t do things because you always did it in that manner!                                                                                                                

From my family to yours!