My name is Niti  and I am a Physical Therapist by training, Health writer by passion and Activist by nature. I am also a celebrity chef for my family, chauffeur for my kids, nurse for my parents  and infinite number of other roles that I juggle through the day! But above all I am a simple person who wishes well! Vegetarian by birth and vegetarian at heart!


My story here…For most part, we ate anything and everything we wanted as a family.  Our taste buds ruled. Tons of processed food, fast food restaurants, not planning meals so making something in haste. I thought we were eating good stuff  as it was home cooked but little did I know to check what and how did it land on our table. My family had  a series of hospital visits two winters in a row and it jolted me from my dream. What is happening to my family?

My mom and mom-in- law always say, “Think of the pantry as a medicine cabinet!” They have taught me and inspired me so much! 

I used my new found inspiration for living a healthy life to drive my energy into investigating what is really in our food.  I had to teach myself everything. As I began to learn more,  I felt at ease as I was making an informed choice. Not walking through grocery aisles on auto pilot and filling my cart as I always did!

Ask questions? Need to be curious and learn everyday like a child. Change is always hard!

Most importantly, the more I learned and the more lessons I put into action, the better I felt and want to tell everyone about it!  So to share my healthy lifestyle now  with friends and family I am starting this blog.

It matters to me to be able to make a difference in someone’s lives and be an inspiration to make informed choices.



An update long overdue….Tired of quick fixes and band-aid solutions, I have embarked on a journey to become a clinical nutritionist practicing functional medicine! Feel blessed to be able to pursue my passion for food as medicine, learning from professors around the globe and rubbing shoulders with passionate classmates studying evidence-based medicine. Will travel the path less traveled upon to bring a change and provide a cure with nutrition at the core @ University of Western states affiliated with the Institute for functional medicine (IFM). Check out my featured student profile at my University of Western States page: