My name is Niti  and I am a Physical Therapist by education, Health writer/ wellness blogger by occupation and Activist by nature. I am also a celebrity chef for my family, chauffeur for my kids, nurse for my parents  and infinite number of other roles that I juggle through the day! But above all I am a simple person who wishes well! Vegetarian by birth and vegetarian at heart!


My story here…For most part, we ate anything and everything we wanted as a family.  Our taste buds ruled. Tons of processed food, fast food restaurants, not planning meals so making something in haste. I thought we were eating good stuff  as it was home cooked but little did I know to check what and how did it land on our table. My family had  a series of hospital visits two winters in a row and it jolted me from my dream. What is happening to my family?

My mom and mom-in- law always say, “Think of the pantry as a medicine cabinet!” They have taught me and inspired me so much! 

I used my new found inspiration for living a healthy life to drive my energy into investigating what is really in our food.  I had to teach myself everything. As I began to learn more,  I felt at ease as I was making an informed choice. Not walking through grocery aisles on auto pilot and filling my cart as I always did!

Ask questions? Need to be curious and learn everyday like a child. Change is always hard!

Most importantly, the more I learned and the more lessons I put into action, the better I felt and want to tell everyone about it!  So to share my healthy lifestyle now  with friends and family I am starting this blog.

It matters to me to be able to make a difference in someone’s lives and be an inspiration to make informed choices.