I might not be pulling a fast one but seriously fasting is a sure cure for Flu!

The first signals that you are coming down with something are usually tiredness, headache or soreness in throat followed by a fever. Start a fast at the first sign of Flu symptoms and you will break the fever within a day.

The idea is hard to digest and your first reaction may be to not continue reading my article. But hear me out and if ever you are in a situation when the Flu virus had attacked you, start a fast and see for yourself how the virus has to run away.

Do you remember the last time your kid had a viral infection and rejected to eat anything and you forced her to eat something so you can give her tylenol? Sounds familiar huh? I have done it multiple times too before I learnt this.

Our body signals us at every step but we act like teenagers and rebel against listening to our body.

  • When we are coming down with something, we feel tired. What does it mean? Our body needs rest!
  • We sneeze when we get Flu. Why does that happen? Sneeze is a reflex. When irritants such as germs, dust, pollen, etc. enter the nose lining, the brain sends out a signal to get rid of them.
  • When we lose appetite and don’t feel hungry. What does it mean? Our body is telling us- don’t eat!

We naturally lose our appetite when we are ill. This is Nature’s way of telling us when we are not equipped to digest food efficiently. The loss of appetite when we catch a virus has been labeled “the anoxia of infection,” and the loss of desire to eat when sick should be heeded. Fasting when ill speeds recovery, reduces mucus production, and activates the immune system’s defenses to rapidly and dramatically eliminate the viral load.

Periodic fasting has been shown to increase life span in all species of animals. It supports healthy immune function by promoting immune cell recycling and limiting the inflammatory response. When you are sick is the perfect opportunity to partake in a short fast. Stay home, drink lots of pure water, rest and fast.

Liquids allowed in fasting:  Water, Herbal tea and Vitamin C (lemon water). Sugar, Carbs/ grains or Dairy are an absolute No No!

Day two as recovery happens: Gentle introduction of food: like Clear soups (e.g. Vegetable soup without potato), Probiotics, Fruits like apples, papaya, oranges and berries, Salad without dressing. These are my recommendations given I am a vegetarian. You can consume fish or chicken per your preference too.

Let me share with you my personal story when on a cold wintery day my daughter walked back home feeling very weak with a bad headache. I could sense that the guest who had arrived was a Virus. She would normally drink milk after school but on that day she did not feel like having anything. I told her that’s fine, just go rest.  Within an hour she had 102.5 degrees fever. The guest was confirmed. She just had lemon water with slight salt in it for next few hours. I planned on giving her Vegetable soup (made with broth). I had to give her Tylenol once to break the high fever that night. She slept pretty much whole evening and whole night fighting the virus. Next morning she woke up feeling better. I kept an eye on her temperature but the highest it got was 100.6 degrees. What we continued next day is not immediately returning to eating. Still no dairy or grains on day two.  Apples, berries, Vege soup and lots of water as she needed. And voila (pronounced walla) in 24 hours she was up on her feet! The guest had to depart!

Wishing you a robust immunity and surely hoping you are not in a situation like this but if ever you do; remember to starve the Virus and not feed it!

References and a great read: Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine: By N.D. Ronald Schmid