Come Fall season and we see signboards to get our FLU shots at pharmacy, grocery stores, work place, doctor’s office, pretty much every where… It is time of the year when you will be told, required or forced to get a flu shot! Do all of us really need to get a FLU shot every year? Is it really necessary?

I wanted to take the opportunity and share with you some more information about the flu vaccine (after my husband encountered flu twice in one flu season due to impaired immunity even after taking a flu shot) so you can make the best decision for you and your family with the help of your doctor.

What exactly is in the Flu Shot?

Along with the strains of attenuated (weakened) influenza virus there are bunch of ingredients like:

  • Egg proteins (including avian contaminant viruses)
  • Formaldehyde (known carcinogen)
  • Thimerosal: (Mercury based preservative only in multi-dose vials)
  • Other heavy metals such as aluminum (known neurotoxin)
  • Sugar
  • Triton X100 (detergent)
  • Other additives like Latex, MSG, Gelatin (known to cause allergic reactions)

Long term effects of the combination of these toxic additives are very alarming. This is because of the ingredients like Aluminum and Mercury.

Why do we have to get a Flu Shot every year? 

Once you get chicken pox as a child, your body develops antibodies to strengthen your immune system from ever getting chicken pox again. Vaccines are suppose to immunize you for life, right?

The influenza virus is mutating and there are new strains each year is what we hear, on why we need a shot every year.

Well then my take here is: if you are healthy  and are boosting your immune system with a whole foods diet and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle then you do not need a FLU shot.

Does getting a Flu shot fully protect you?

No, even CDC admits that it doesn’t protect you because the virus mutates every year and they can’t predict which strains will hit this year.

You can get Flu even if you have been vaccinated if the strain you caught doesn’t match that which was in your vaccine.

And you can still get Flu even if the strains were properly matched but your immune system was not intact.

Why are Flu Shots recommended for children, pregnant women and the elderly? 

Because this group of individuals typically have weaker immune systems and if they catch the flu and do not treat it in time it can lead to other complications like pneumonia.

However, why would you give a group with already weakened immune systems something that weakens their immune system even further?

What can we do to protect ourselves naturally against the Flu virus?Flu_shot

Exercise often, take probiotics/ unsweetened yogurt and top up your intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin D is the natural prescription against Influenza.

You can build lifetime of antibodies against the infection. Skip the vaccine, boost your vitamin D intake and encounter the Flu virus naturally.

If you catch Flu – rest and take care of yourself. Understand that your body needs a break. This type of immunizing works amazingly better. You will have these new antibodies for life that will ultimately protect you from similar strains of the virus better than any yearly shot could ever provide.

Something to think about: Why is there so much pressure on getting a Flu shot every year even if it does not fully protect you? Make a wise and informed choice for your family with the help of your doctor! Shield your family from unnecessary ingredients that come with the Flu shot, if you think they have fighter immune system in place!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy flu-season.

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